June 23, 2010

The Purpose of Pro-Sight Property Inspections Blog

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Pro-Sight Property Inspections Blogs: Keeping you informed.

Whether you happen to be buying or renting a home or representing someone as their real estate agent or broker, a professional home inspection is critical to the success of the transaction. In fact, there is perhaps no step along the way that is more important in terms of understanding the real value of a home and providing insight into issues of home maintenance and safety.

To keep you more informed and educated about the home inspection process and what to expect from a licensed property inspector, Pro-Sight provides this resourceful blog. Log on anytime to learn about how and why mechanical and structural house inspections and real estate inspection reports are essential.

Find out about what the professional inspector looks for in a home, how to interpret or understand the details in an official inspection report, and what actions can and should be taken to follow up on an inspector’s expert observations and recommendations.  Whether it is a general home inspection – like those typically ordered by the buyer prior to closing on a home purchase – or a specialized inspection for such things as environmental hazards, the nuts and bolts of the subject will be thoroughly presented in a user-friendly but insightful manner.

Those who are shopping for a home will be kept on the leading edge of the learning curve with expert answers to commonly asked questions regarding inspections and what they cover. Real estate agents or brokers will find that the blog is a convenient and reliable resource for helping to teach clients – whether they are buyers, sellers, or renters – about home inspections. When new developments in the home inspection industry happen, the Pro-Sight blog will ensure that you are kept up-to-date and informed. If you’re a home seller trying to prepare a property for an inspection, we’ll tell you how to get your house in top condition. Or you may just be a concerned homeowner, property investor, or professional landlord who wants to get a home inspected to uncover any potential maintenance issues or problems that may jeopardize safety. Whatever your reason for wanting to know more about the technical, legal, and practical aspects of the home inspection process, this blog is intended to be a one-stop comprehensive resource. Subscribe to it now to be alerted whenever a new entry is posted and ensure that you have the information you need and deserve to stay informed.

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