May 1, 2016

Real Estate Tips: Leverage social media this spring.

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Almost all buyers these days first do research online before going out to shop for a home, and homeowners who are thinking of listing their property typically do their own background research, too. Buyers and sellers study current MLS listings, they check comparable recent sales data, they search for tax and appraisal valuations, and they also do extensive homework regarding mortgage and refinancing options. Of course it’s not just the real estate industry. Consumers of all kinds of products typically first compare prices and do background research online before they are ready to buy. Since all of your clients already live online as everyday consumers – and they also tend to socialize online and make business connections that way, too – it is essential that you have a strong and attractive social media presence. How do you do that? Here are some helpful tips that will allow you to boost your online brand presence during this active buying and selling season in the real estate industry.

Engage, Don’t Sell
Avoid the tendency to simply sell your services through social media. Instead, perform a service via the social media platforms that are popular with your target audience. By demonstrating that you are eager to offer real value as a way to interact and develop professional relationships with potential clients, you give them a valid reason to engage with you – and engagement is the name of the game.

Be a Content Curator
You know that your potential customers are already spending hours and hours online researching real estate market information, whether they are buying, selling, refinancing, or looking for income or vacation property. Capitalize on that fact by making that research easier for them. Spend time gathering the kinds of resources they are already searching for, and then present that information and knowledge to them in an organized, convenient way. You’ll become their go-to resource for all things real estate related, so instead of visiting the blogs and websites of your competitors they will follow you on social media.

Examples of Attractive Content
You can use platforms like Facebook or your own blog, for example, to post recent sales data or marketing trends in the neighborhoods you target. Or write blog articles to share the kind of knowledge and tips that buyers and sellers are wanting to know. You can write articles, for instance, about how inspections work, what tax valuations do not say about market value, or about how to generate curb appeal. Explain how to get pre-qualified for a loan, and how that differs from getting pre-approved. Ask them to send their real estate questions to you, and then answer them on Facebook or your own blog. There are countless ways to make yourself helpful to potential clients by teaching them – and that will position you as the expert to call when they need real estate services.

Delegate the Busy Work
Real estate pros are usually challenged by time constraints, and keeping up with social media can seem like a daunting time management task. But you can hire someone, like a college student, to manage your social media feeds for you. Then all you have to do is give them the information and they can continue to push it out to those who follow you on social media platforms. You can – and should – also re-purpose the same content across multiple platforms. Take a question someone asks and tweet it, with a link to the answer. Or take a short quote from a longer blog and tweet that. Post snippets from blogs on LinkedIn or Facebook, or Instagram photos that illustrate the content you want to promote.
Soon you’ll have a cohesive and active pipeline of fresh content on multiple social media platforms, to keep you name and brand in front of your customers and potential clients, 24/7.

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