Home Inspection Marketing

Marketing for Home Inspectors

Home inspection marketing: Building relationships with real estate agents, brokers, mortgage lenders, and other professionals in the real estate industry leads to referrals for inspection jobs. This combined with Social Media, an Optimized Website, Local SEO, and email marketing will keep you inspecting. And of course, being friendly and doing a good inspection.

Home inspection marketing

Home Inspection Marketing

You can have the best home inspection technical knowledge, but the home inspectors that earn the most understand the necessity of home inspection marketing. Marketing is the key with just about any service industry. Of course you need to be good at your job, be prompt, and friendly.

Marketing & Support:

  • Pro-Sight provides you information on proven home inspection marketing methods.
  • Why invest in a very expensive franchise, when you can reap the many benefits from our alternative? If you work with our guidance, and the information we supply, you can make just as much money as a franchise owner.

  • We will bring you customers, and we will teach you how to get customers.

  • We offer sound business advice, with over 40 years of experience in the service industry, over 20 in the home inspection industry. In addition to our service industry experience, we have team members with over 8 years experience in social media marketing, material design, website building & SEO. You will receive unlimited email support, and text support. And you can schedule phone appointments with us as well.

    Pro-Sight Property Inspectors Network we are a fraction of the cost of a franchise, with no long term contacts either.

Marketing for Home Inspectors

Online Home Maintenance Book

Providing a home maintenance book to customers is a wise strategy for home inspectors for several reasons. Firstly, it adds value to the service you provide. A comprehensive guide on home maintenance offers customers useful insights and practical knowledge they can use long after the inspection is over. Secondly, it strengthens customer relationships. By providing a tangible resource that aids homeowners in maintaining their property, you demonstrate your commitment to their long-term satisfaction and home health. This could lead to repeat business and referrals. Lastly, a branded home maintenance book serves as a lasting reminder of your service, keeping your name and contact information readily available should they need further inspection services in the future or have friends and family to refer.

Understanding Your Home Flip-Book Home Maintenance Book

Operation |  Improvements | Repair Solutions

Customized With Your Company’s Information

Share with your customers – no limit!

There is a total of 177 pages in the flip book plus all the additional information on the website. Inspection Findings Solutions

Share your customized home maintenance flip book – as a thank you to your customers provide your customized home maintenance book link with your home inspection report.  It is a valuable resource that will be used over and over. This online flip book will also decrease your liability.


Be More Helpful

Home inspectors –  Be a more helpful home inspector – get more referrals, and get more repeat business. Don’t let your clients forget about you.

What is included – Your company logo is added to the cover page. Your company name, logo, contact information, and other unique information is added to the inside cover page (see page 2).  Plus your company name with your website link, and phone number is added to the footer of every page.

Unlimited usage – Share your flip book with real estate agents, and all of your clients, past, and future.

This home maintenance book will be customized with your company information and logo.

Why pay way more, after all, most people are now used to reading books on their tablet, phone, or PC. I am sure you are familiar with Amazon’s Kindle.

Compare with other Home Maintenance Book Choices…

How to Operate Your Home by Mr. Fix It – the cost is not listed.



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