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Home Inspection Report

The home inspection report is the document which serves as a guiding tool for home inspectors during the examination, influencing the thoroughness of the inspection itself. In essence, the more detailed the inspection report, the more informative and valuable the report will be for clients. But it is not advisable to make it too long, as this might overwhelm your customer, and the agents involved in the real estate transaction.Their are two types of home inspections, by far the most common is the limited visual inspection.

Property Report

Important questions about a the report…

Report Detail

Does the report provide a high level of detail?

Language Clarity

Is the report written in plain language, or does it use legal jargon that might be challenging to understand?

Visual Documentation

Are there accompanying photos highlighting identified deficiencies or issues?

Educational Content

Does the report educate you about the major components of the house? Pro-Sight’s report goes beyond reporting issues; it provides educational insights into the fundamental elements of the property.

Summary Section

Does the report include a summary section? Pro-Sight’s report features two summary sections – one for Comments and one for Issues.

  • Comments: Offers general information and addresses marginal items, emphasizing the potential escalation of marginal concerns into major issues if left unattended.
  • Issues: Highlights items requiring repair or replacement, along with those needing additional evaluation by licensed professionals. Safety hazards and recommendations for safety enhancements are also categorized as issues.

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"The home inspection report is not just a formality; it's a crucial component in ensuring a thorough and informed assessment of your inspected property. People want an inspector with access to a superior inspection report. Pro-Sight Property Inspections inspection report, can significantly enhance the quality and value of your home inspection experience."



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